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Case Study Hear what companies say about using video interviewing software

video interviewing software

Case study results for Video Interviewing carried out by Solo Cup

The survey was carried out to establish if video interviewing was a good fit for their pre-screening programme and the results were as follows

  • 91% said no and 9% said yes when asked had they ever taken part in a video interview before.
  • 97% said yes and 3% said no when asked if the format of the video interview made it convenient to complete.
  • In response to the question ”did the format of this interview make you more nervous, the same, or less nervous than you would have been in a face to face interview 43% replied same, 30% replied less nervous, and 27% replied more nervous.
  • In response to the question, ”do you feel that you were sufficiently able to present yourself in this format?” the response was 73% yes and 27% no.
  • 88% replied yes and 12% replied no when asked if they thought that this was a good way of using technology in the interview process.
  • When asked if they were to tell their friends about their experience, what would they say? The response to this question was 58% super cool! 30% It was ok, 12% Impersonal.
  • Finally when asked to rate their video interview experience the results were, 75% I’d do it again, while 15% said every interview should be like this, 6% said ”not so bad” while 3% said ”it was horrible.

In all the results proved positive for the survey in the use of video interviewing technology for the purposes of pre-screening and recruitment.

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