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 Video interviewing the benefits of our platform for business

See the benefits of this tool

Save at least 50% on the time that it takes to recruit a candidate. Gain a competitive edge over other recruitment companies and recruit better candidates for your clients at a lesser cost to your company.

Traditional recruitment methods

  1. Advertise the position online
  2. Receive online applications
  3. Read all applications and shortlist the most suitable candidates
  4. Contact candidates by telephone and carry out initial telephone screening
  5. Invite candidates for an interview (this can take a lot of time depending on the number of candidates allow 45 minutes per interview)
  6. Shortlist candidates suitable for final interview
  7. Arrange appointment for final interview
  8. Hold final Interviews
  9. Discuss with other decision makers
  10. Select successful candidate
  11. Award Job

The negatives using the traditional method are:

  1. Smaller candide pool due to geographic location
  2. Possibilities that the best candidates may not apply for interview due to location and travel costs 
  3. Vast ammounts of time being spent scheduling, arranging and conducting interviews
  4. Extensive costs due to time and resources
  5. Higher employee churn due to bad recruiting decisions resulting on longer term costs to repeat the recruiting process.

Video Interviewing Recruitment Alternative

  1. Advertise Job position online
  2. Receive applications
  3. Using Interview Vision prepare an easy step interview for your job and include a video about your company (optional)
  4. Send e-mails to suitable clients inviting them to take part in a pre-recorded interview for the position
  5. Receive and review interviews by e-mail
  6. Shortlist preferred candidates and invite for final pre-recorded or live interview online
  7. Select final candidate and award job position

The positives to using this method


  1. Less time, less costs and resources used to recruit the candidate
  2. Better candidate experience as the candidate has knowledge about your company operations and more detail about the job prior to taking the interview
  3. Larger candidate pool which produces the maximum in terms of the quality of the candidates
  4. Less employee churn for your company meaning less costs in the longer term

Video Interviewing! Showcase your professionalism to your audience with your own custom branding

The benefits of this tool

Save at least 50% on the time that it takes to recruit a candidate. Gain a competitive edge over other recruitment companies and recruit better candidates for your clients at a lesser cost to your company.


Traditional recruitment methods

  1. Receive online applications from candidates
  2. Shortlist  the top most suitable applicants
  3. Telephone screen the applicants
  4. Shortlist applicants for Interview
  5. Interview the shortlisted candidates
  6. Discuss with other decision makers
  7. Conduct Final Interviews
  8. Discuss with other decision makers
  9. Make final Job offer

Currently the average minimum time to recruit a suitable new candidate 40 DAYS
THE AVERAGE COST in man hours €500- €5000 depending on factors including travel costs.

Video interviewing alternative

  1. Shortlist initial Job applications
  2. Send email to shortlisted candidates inviting them to conduct Video Interview to be returned by a specified date
  3. Review and make notes on platform interface for each candidate
  4. Share online with decision makers
  5. Shortlist final candidates
  6. Invite for final face to face interview or live online Interview
  7. Award Final Job Offer

RESULT= 50% decrease in time and resources.

Benefits of video interviewing
  1. Better and more suitable candidates
  2. Wider geographical area of applicants without any travel expenses
  3. Huge savings costs
  4. Happier clients

Video Interviewing for Colleges and Universities

Prepare your students for future employment

Improve the chances of college graduates when they finish their studies and enter the search for employment. Research has shown that using this tool as a practice mechanism for college graduates can enhance their chances of landing that desired job when they finish college or university.


Some of the benefits achievable using this tool for this purpose

  1. Students can simulate real life interviews from various employment sectors using pre-defined questions with this tool
  2. Help career officers evaluate and advise students on interview performance and best practices based on simulation results
  3. Create custom interviews using pre-defined questions and distribute to students via     e-mail
  4. Provide Feedback to students via e-mail
  5. Better prepare students for future employment and interviews

This tool has proved to be invaluable to a number of University and Colleges and is the number 1 piece of software that student career officers should have to prepare students and college graduates for future employment.

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Listen to these companies and hear why they decided to choose this tool to help with their recruitment process. Our mission is to provide our customers with a great user experience and enhance their recruitment process. Using this tool will save money, time and resources together with enhancing your candidate experience. This is one of the reasons why companies choose this video recruitment software.