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video interviewing

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Frank Abate Cigna Healthcare

“One of our best tests with this tool was being able to interview somebody that was on a civilian assignment in Afghanistan and we were able to interview him, go through the entire interview process and hire him before he returned to the United States 30 days later. If we were’nt able to do that we would never have been able to hire him into the role that we did”.

“Our project was originally supposed to run for 6 months but we were able to compress it into 90 days and were able to save almost $2.5 million dollars” because of Interviewstream.

James Colino Hershey’s

“We use pre-recorded interviews for our US retail sales force as well as campuses throughout the United States. We also use live video interviews for our global markets.”

“We see it (interviewstream) as an intregal part of our entire employee life cycle far beyond recruitment.”

“Using the platform we were able to gain a 200% increase in the candidate pool, the size of the candidate pool, and over 2000% in terms of the quality of the candidate pool.”

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