Recruitment agencies, 5 ways to massively cut costs using video interviewing software

Recruitment agencies, 5 ways to massively cut costs using video interviewing software

Yes Video Interviewing Works!

Ever tried to calculate the costs involved for each candidate you recruit?. Resources can become a very expensive commodity when you sit down and extract the workable hours involved in recruiting a candidate for your client. Some of the most common costs thant many recruitment companies do not take into consideration when costing the time it takes to recruit a candidate are:

1.      Time involved in contacting each client and speaking with them by telephone for pre screening prior to any initial interview

2.      Time and costs involved in writing to each candidate to prepare them for an interview for your client

3.      Time and costs for any travel that may be needed to accomodate an interview

4.      The length of time it takes for a pre screening interview for each candidate

5.      The length of time involved to screen and interview your final shortlisted candidates

6.      Resources travel and time to discuss your final candidates with your client

7.      Time,Time,Time yes thats the word “Time” and this word is an expensive commodity!. Take an hour to decipher the gross cost of each candidate then multiply this by the average number of canditates that your company will screen for each Job Posting…..

Pretty awsome isn’t it?

Now look at 5 ways to cut massive costs for your Recruitment Agency.

1. Receive the Job applications and CVs for each candidate and shortlist those that closely meet your applicant criteria

2. Log into your admin panel of Interview Vision video interview platform and list the email addresses and shortlisted candidate names

3. Enter interview questions for the candidate or choose from existing pre loaded questions

4. Record a webcam video (optional) informing the candidate about the company and the position offered or upload a video showing a day in the life of the company

5. Set a required date for return of the interview by e-mail and then simply………………wait!

Using the Interview Vision video recruitment platform will save you time and resources and not to mention thousands of euros or pounds from you annual running costs. Yes video recruitment works see these video recruitment testimonials  from large corporations who have used the same platform resulting in savings of millions of US Dollars.


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