Online recruitment platform Intern Avenue launches throughout Europe

Online recruitment platform Intern Avenue launches throughout Europe

Intern Avenue: Why So Special?

This popular recruitment platform matches Graduates with employers who are prepared to pay the Interns for their services. This startup company has, according to a TechCrunch article secured a lucrative distribution deal with Vodaphone. Featured on Dragons Den the company offers a recruitment platform that enables Graduates who have completed college to post a profile on the Intern Avenue platform. Companies who are seeking candidates that are qualified for various positions can post their recruitment requirements and needs on Intern Avenue in order to find the perfect fit for the position. The recruitment platform also facilitates recruiters and companies to make contact with potential candidates in order to invite them to career events and interviews.

There is an increasing number of college graduates seeking internships in London and in the UK in general and this platform is without doubt going to make it much easier for graduates and potential employers to match with each other. College graduates wishing to find internships should register with this platform in order to find paid employment while gaining experience in the job category. Intern Avenue feature many large companies on their website, big names including, Telephonica, Loyds Bank, IBM and AOL to name a few and are advertising availability for paid Legal Internships, Business Internships, Engineering Internships and many more. Coupled with new video interviewing technology platforms this new idea should prove to be an interesting concept for the future of many newly qualified college graduates!

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