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Video Interviewing

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Why not avail of our newly launched Video Interview Screen product. Video Interview screen is a simple way for employers to avail of the use of video interviewing without any training, contracts or monthly subscriptions!.

How does it work? When recruiters advertise job positions locally or on job boards often they can be swamped with CV,s and applications. This is where the time consuming task of reading all of the applicant details and sorting them into possibilities adds cost and resources to the task.

Next on the list is the long task of trying to schedule telephone screening conversations with the applicants and finally a first interview to decide if they may be a possible fit for the position. In most cases this can be a very time consuming process.

Our product offers the recruiter the flexibility to avail of video interviewing immediately while the employer still controls the screening process. There are no contracts, no subscriptions and no training required.

Our simple step process.


Step 1. The recruiter prepares a number of questions which they would like each candidate to answer.

Step 2. Interview Vision will prepare the online interview ready for the candidates.

Step 3. The recruiter advertises the position on Job boards or by their preferred method

Step 4. Applications arrive daily to the recruiter and the recruiter records the candidate name and e-mail address only on a CSV or excel file which is sent daily or weekly to Interview Vision by email (additional phone number is optional)

Step 5. Interview Vision sends the online interview to the applicants and monitors if and when they have completed. In addition to this Interview Vision will also contact if required by our client, each candidate who has not completed the interview to encourage them to complete and to answer any questions they may have in relation to using the software and completing the interview online.

Step 6. Recruiter receives a list of candidate interview links each week which they can view, share with other team members or shortlist for final interview.

This process will reduce the time, resources and cost that it takes to recruit your candidates by half. Why not book an online demo today!

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