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video interviewing

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Interviewvision is thee powerful tool that allows you to interview candidates anywhere around the world at any time.. Watch this short video testimonial about our product

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How to create great Video Interviews

Follow These Steps:

Meet with Key HR personel and recruitment decision makers

Configure settings for the response

Brain storm and create the perfect interview questions. It is important to consider the following: 

1: The length of time and number of attempted responses for each question

2: The Language that is suitable for the candidate

3: Choose a video already uploaded, record a new company introduction or exit video or upload a video that you already have

4: Enter a website address the candidate will be redirected to after the interview is complete.

5: Add custom branded videos about your company or organisation


Creating a perfect video interview

1: Choose from over 7000 pre-recorded questions on the database

2: If you wish to enter question that are based on text proceed to enter them

3: A good practice would be Have someone from your organisation record the questions on a webcam, alternatively you can chto mix both text and pre-recorded questions as a mix


Distribution of your video interview

Create an invitation by email to all of your chosen candidates and send directly to them. Place a time limit for the response. OR place a link that is public to be shared online, on social media ,and on Job adverts


Just relax and wait for the responses to flow

Contact your candidates as best practice to inform them that a video interview invitation is on its way. When speaking to them try to make some allowances in the event that they dont have internet access, a webcam or if they are disabled in any way.


Review your candidates

View the video interviews that you receive. Compare them and share their interviews with other key staff members. Make a record of all of your comments and then rate each candidate with a star. Ask other key staff members who you have shared the video interview with for their comments.


Go for Gold

Select your highest rated candidates and invite them for a video interview live or alternatively arrange to meet the candates in a person to person interview.