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Interview Vision Video Interviewing

Powered by Interviewstream

Interview Vision are the european agent of Interviewstream US. We provide web
based video recruitment capabilities for small and large enterprises and recruitment video interviewingagencies. Our mission is to provide a unique and enhanced experience for our clients when screening or interviewing their candidates.

Powered by Interviewstream US who have won a number of awards and list many top Us Corporations in their client list, Interview Vision will provide the tools necessary for clients to obtain large cost savings in their activities related to the recruitment process.

Interview Vision can help provide our clients with a practical and innovative approach that will work to acheive maximum results and goals for their business. The Interview Vision model works with our customer needs while providing endless possibilities and value to our clients.


Award Winning Software

Official Honoree in the 14th Annual Webby Awards contest in the Employment category


Honored with a Silver W3 Award by the International Academy of the Visual Arts (IAVA) for excellence

Multiple award winning software

Why Choose Us? Some of the main reasons why you should use Interview Vision


An easy to use interface that can have you up and running quickly with as little as one hour training


Our platform boasts of more functionality than any of our competitors, book a demo and see for yourself


This software has won multiple awards for its innovation and continues to improve


With multiple packagss our prices are affordable and offfer better value and functionality than our competitiors.

                                                     Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a great user experience for our customers using this tool and to change the way that companies and recruitment agencies hire their employees.

What we do?

Interview Vision is the premier software for recruitment. Using this affordable easy to use interface,  recruitment companies and employers can remove many of the time consuming and geographic restrictions that can be part of the traditional recruitment process


This tool can ensure that employers and recruiters alike can obtain the best results possible in terms of the candidate pool and the candidate quality.

With an easy to use interface this award winning software can be rapidly integrated into your recruitment and HR team with little training.See your results in terms of resources and satisfaction with the quality of your candidates improve overnight

This video interviewing software is fully responsive.Candidates can conduct their interviews at any time at any place and with any device. This flexibility will increase the candidate pool and ultimately increase results

Customise the interface to show case your business with your company logo and increase your profile and professionalism with this tool

The future of Video Recruitment-Facts

  •   Video Interviewing has increased by 49% in the last 2 years
  •   Conduct 10 one way pre recorded interviews in less time than 1 phone interview
  •   Video Recorded Interviews cut travel expense and management time
  •   Recruitment managers can assess a candidates suitabilty better from body language
  •   Using Video Interviewing software can reduce costs by as much as 65%