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Welcome to Interview Vision

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Video Interviewing Software Who Should Use it?

 Interview Vision's powerful sofware solutions are fast becoming the future for recruitment companies. large and small companies and organisations who recruit personel can save time, money and increase the candidate pool with Interview Vision video interviewing software.
Recruitment Agencies

Increase the candidate pool,Improve the quality of candidates, Save time and money, Speed up the recruitment process.

Large Corporations

Improve the quality of candidates,Easily share video interviews with other HR staff and key management.

Small Business

Review applicants save time and resources, schedule pre recorded interviews for later review at Affordable Prices.


Pre record student interviews to gain experience in the interview process. Prepare graduates for future employment.

Success Stories Large Corporations Hear what they say about recruitment software using video interview techniques.

Core Features Easy-to-customize with your company Logo and design

An easy to use interface that will allow you to connect with candidates at any time from any location. Interview Vision video interview software provides the capability to enhance and increase performance of the recruitment process. Improve your candidates overall experience and benefit from Interview Vision video interviewing capabilities at Affordable Prices.

Responsive Design

Easy to use on any device.

Save Screening Time

Eliminate phone screening.

Equal Candidate Opportunities

Replicate standard questions for all candidates.

Reduce Recruitment Time

Faster candidate assessment.

View Candidate Interview Performances

Compare Applicants together online.

Better Results

Enhanced candidate experience.

Better Quality of Candidates

Increases the candidate pool.

Recruit Faster

Reduce time required for appointment scheduling.

User Friendly

Easy to navigate.

Share Interview Recordings

Share and comment on interviews with decision makers.

Join Interview Vision and Give your Recruitment....
A Boost Savings Fast Results Less Costs
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Why Choose Us? Here's Is Just A Few Reasons Why!

Long Established Platform

InterviewStream is one of the pioneers of video interviewing software.

Best Value

We offer a number of products to fit with all types of budgets and user technology commitiments.

Award Winning Software

Our video interviewing platform has won multiple awards.

User Friendly

Our video interviewing platform is both user friendly and candidate friendly.

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Powerful Packed
Video Interviewing Software Easy to use at an affordable price

Welcome To Interview Vision!

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No Installation Required

No need to install software. With Interview Vision video software you can be up and running in no time.

Fast Results

Instantly see an increase in performance from Recruitment Managers and HR Managers

Improved candidate quality

With Interview Vision see an improvement in the quality of the candidates recruited.

No Boundries

Interview your candidates live or pre-recorded from anywhere at any time

video interviewing image

Candidates and Video Interviews Will candidates adopt to the video interview experience?

According to a survey carried out by Solo Cup for candidates who carried out a series of interviews using this technology, 97% said yes when asked if they found that the format of the interview made it convenient to complete. A further 73% said that they felt the same or less nervous taking the interview using the video interview system than they would have in a real person to person interview. Click the link below to read more about this survey.

Grow Your Business
Recruitment Companies, Grow your business with Interview Vision. This fast and easy to use platform is affordable and flexible. Save costs in travel, time and valuable resources by using this great tool. Have your company display its brand and logo on the Interview Vision interface and provide an enhanced experience for both your clients and your candidates. You can't afford not to!

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